Jan 16, 2018

Trying to go greener...

I don‘t like New Years resolutions too much. I‘m into rethinking and adjusting where necessary, but without pressure and overthinking...

So for 2018 my goal is to increase my veggies- and fruits-intake in every meal possible and eating healthier as much as possible... so far so good. Of course little exceptions are always allowed!

Here is a little food inspo on how my last meals looked like...

Salmon, rice and broccoli

Fish, whole wheat-pasta and sugar peas

Spinach salad

Puchero (Spanish Chickpea soup with chicken and veggies)

Figs, mozzarella and prosciuto crudo

Chicken leg, rice and roasted Kurkuma cauliflower

Salmon pie, broccoli and lemon-joghurt sauce

Summer rolls

Quinoa salad with arugola, feta and pomegranate seeds

Carrot soup with gambas

Mushroom and zucchini stirfry with quinoa

Guac-wholewheat toast and mushroom-spinach toast with an egg

Veal roast with baked veggies and potatoes

A├žai bowl

Beetroot salad

Honey glazed brussel sprouts with bacon

Chicken with roasted veggies and morel pasta

What is your favorite recipe of a healthy veggie filled dish? I am always looking for inspiration...

xx Linda

Jan 12, 2018


Here my Inspiration board for today..!

Have a great Weekend everyone!
xx Linda

Jan 9, 2018


After the holidays we spent a wonderful week in the Engiadina mountains. The kids fell in love with skiing, despite the weather not always showing us its sunny side. We all slept in a lot, after being busy during the days outside and treasuring plenty of lovely moments..

Nature showed itself from its prettiest side...what not to fall in love with?

During the mornings, the kids attended the local skiing school...Gregory had so much fun and was unstoppable. India was a complete beginner at first, but still went three days in a row, and on the second day already competed in her first skiing race... What a fabulous start into her ski career... lol!

Every kid received its own medal and sure was the winner of its own race!

To have a little diversification, we also went climbing, swimming, sledding and visited several local playgrounds and visited of course festive St. Moritz among other picturesque villages in the valley...

There is hardly any better way for us, to start the new year than being up in the mountains...

We wish you all a very happy New Year, filled with health, luck and loads of love...

xx Linda