May 18, 2010

Bestestest hint for Highheels-Lovers!

The best cure to walk 24/7 in your highest heels! You'll love it..

Gotta lovez lovez lovez it!!!

My favourite fashion "search-engine" ever!
I love love love it!
Enjoy ♥

Desperately seeking inspiration?

Do you need some inspiration on how to dress? Do you want to create some nice combinations? Would you like to see different ways on how to match you new shoes?
Check out the following link!

Cocktail dresses, Evening dresses, Wedding name it! Everything available for an affordable price!

The Look for less? Is there a wedding coming up and your budget doesn't allow you to get THE designer gown you always wanted? Looking for an evening- or cocktail dress in exactly that color you always wanted? Don't be put off by the homepages look!

Skip Starbucks - do your own Caramel Macchiato! ;-P

Have you got a sweet tooth?? Do you want your daily Starbucks coffee but ain't in the mood to go out?
Why don't you create your own Caramel Macchiato or mix your fresh Rossini @ home?
Try it... it's 100% addictive!!! ♥

BrunchButler - Zurichs first Brunchkurier

This is a great idea for breakfast in bed/home on a weekend. We tested it and it was really tasty and comes with newspaper and a little rose...

Get a healthy tan!

Der Frühling ist endlich da und die Airbrush-Selftan Saison ist am Start...Lust auf natürliche Bräune in nur 5 Minuten ohne schädliche UV-Strahlen? Check out the homepage or call Tanja Guye for appointements 079 750 42 60

WANTED: The perfect dress**

Are you looking for THE dress? Can't you find it in normal retail-stores? Are you tired of searching for it in any city you can imagine?? Why not having your own personal unique tailor made dress?
Angela is a young fashion designer with wonderful skills and a great eye for details!
I'm sure she will create YOUR dream go...wn - as she did for me!
♥ Thanks again dear!!
Make sure to check out her homepage!

Check out those lovely diaries..

For all the busy women who still want to find time to write down their lifes...
This is defintively a MUST!

Now also available in german:

"The Glamorous, The Glamorous, Glamorous, By The Glamorous, Oh Flossy Flossy"

Ladies, keep up with the glam...
Do you love those silver chains and necklaces? Are you in love with those unique leather armbands and cuffs? Do you prefer to create your own jewellery at your own gusto? Are you looking for that unique extravaganza for yourself or your BFF? Enjoy a fabulous girlies evening full of creativity, excitement and glam!
Check out:
Book an evening with Karin - she'll show you, how it's done!
Stay glam - as always!
xoxo Linda