May 29, 2012

COLDPLAY in Zurich

Hey my dears...
On saturday I was able to go to the Coldplay concert in Zurich and let me tell you, it was as always an absolutely amazing experience! What a fabulous band... and the show was just breathtaking... 
Check out my little video (OK, I'm not a very talented camera woman - I admit it!! LOL)
xx Linda

May 28, 2012

New day, new luck

Ladies and gents...

It's time to start all over again!
After quite a long time being abstinent from my blog, I had to do some adjustments to make it fit it again into my new life and lifestyle as a wife, mother and a fashion-/interior design-/food-/travel-lover.. :-)

As a new mom I still wanted to be able to have a stylish outing and not only caring about nappies and little rompers.
With this blog I would like to share my passion for fashion, travels, cooking, interior design, my thoughts, add some tips and hints for stylistas, yummy mummys and life lovers...
I hope you enjoy reading it!
xx Linda

If you need a "Mamas-advise"..

For all the first time moms out all surely know that several times a day questions about your little one come up. What to do when baby has got his first fever? What baby seat is really recommendable? Where can I get this and that and what is to do when... etc.
I got THE resolution for those mamas that are looking for the expertise of other moms for any of your questions!
On Facebook, Racha Fajjari has founded the group "Mamalicious", where you certainly will find help! Go to: and request to join the group!
xx Linda