Jun 23, 2012

Enjoying life..

Today my husband gave me an afternoon off, and let me tell you... it feels so good!

I am enjoying it to the fullest, sipping on cold peppermint/lemongrass/ginger and lemon tea, reading some fashion magazines and savoring the beautiful sunshine we're having here in bella Svizzera!

Life treats me well lately... <3

Let's keep on rocking the weekend...
xx Linda

PS: Ah yes, and for tonight... GO SPAIN GOOOOOOOO! Let's bring the Soccer Eurocup home! :-)

Jun 22, 2012

Ooooh Vienna...

Here a little travel guide from Sabrina... Thank you for sharing your hints!!

- Radisson Blu Style Hotel
- Steigenberger
- Roomz

- Sacher
- Café Central
- Halle
- Café Oper
- Café Landtmann


- Fabio's
- Motto
- Figlmüller
- Plachutta


- DO&CO Onyx Bar 
- Sofitel
- Red Room
- Passage


- D'Ambrosio
- Ti sento (Seilergasse 1)
- Salzburger Trachten Outlet
- Julius Meinl
- Demel
 Peek & Cloppenburg (an der Mariahilfer-Strasse)


- Schönbrunn
- Prater
- Dom- Hofburg
- Div. Museen
- Museumsquartier
- Naschmarktetc. etc. (check out your travel guide!)

Having a good Hotel in the "1. Bezirk" most common sightseeing spots can be reached by foot. The Tube connections are great, a single ride costs € 1.80.

Renting a bike is cheap and easy for exploring the city center. Per credit card you can only rent 1 bike! So don't forget to bring your own credit card if you want to go for a bike tour!arte mitnehmen!

Horse carriage rides are VERY expensive (60min/95€ - 40nub/65€) - but when the weather is nice it is absolutely worth it!!

Tickets for the Opera can be bought at the "Tageskasse" for a couple of Euros (standing area). Good seats in the boxes are available at the advance sale, but sell out very quickly! DON'T buy tickets on the streets, they're NOT official tickets of the "Staatsopera"!!!

When the weather is rainy or extra cold, a visit in one of the uncountable museums is a must! Also a visit at Schönbrunn or the Staatsopera with a conducted tour is very recommendable!

The best ice cream in Vienna you'll get at the "Schwedenplatz"!

Starbucks or Mc Donalds are an absolut NO-GO...too many local deliciousness are available and ready to indulge...

Feast through all the delicious austrian food, you won't be disappointed! But don't forget to plan your fitness programm in advance for the upcoming months...YOU'LL NEED IT! ;-)

...travel to Vienna! You'll absolutely love this historic City covered in lovely icing! 

THANK YOU Sabrina for this lovely post!
xx Linda

Finest bracelets and necklaces by JOSEPHINES JEWELLERY

Summer's sweetest brand and THE must have for every fashion minded girl is JOSEPHINES JEWELLERY!
This new brand consists of beautiful handmade bracelets from Bali with fun colors, gorgeous gems and unique design. The materials vary from silver, gold, bronze, resin crystals semi-precious stones, bones, wood, threads and many more...

The company is socially responsible and supporting local development.


Find here some examples of their exquisit selection:

Soon you will be able to buy them online, but for now, they are available at:
FEMI9 store in Zurich
BAMBURI store in Zurich

Enjoy these little beauties and get your unique piece quickly...!
xx Linda

Jun 21, 2012

Carter's makes your baby even cuter!!


My girlfriend Sandy told me about this amazing homepage with beautiful baby clothes she had found... and of course, as a passionate mommy, I immediately went online to check it out!
Let me tell you, this page has got me since first exploring it!


Here some of my favorites sets:


Go and get your babys dolled up!
Great prices, great quality and a super cute selection!
xx Linda


What is it, that whenever I want to shop something, I am not able to find what I need?! It really drives me crazy! When I am on a window shopping tour, I see a gazillion of different things I could immediately buy, but want to safe up for another shopping tour... but as soon as I need to find something certain, my eyes seem to be shut or at least unconvincing on the assortment.

I was trying to find a dress for an upcoming wedding and went to the city center for a hopefully successful shopping spree on a nice baby-free afternoon.
I had the time, had the ka-ching and had the conviction to find what I was looking for.
So I went to every single store I knew, to find my ideal dress. I swear, I wasn't picky, since I hadn't had a specific idea on how it had to look... I was really open to style, color and cut. I even tried on some pieces I would normally had never even laid an eye on (I admit, I had learned my lesson, while looking for my wedding gown... dresses do look different on the hanger than on ones body!), but what a great disappointment! Not a single piece catching my interest, not even close...
After a couple of frustrating hours I stopped, as I didn't want to ruin my mood on my afternoon off!

As the wedding date is coming closer and closer, and not much time is left (nor any city trips planned any time soon, where I could have discovered IT in an unknown store, somewhere unexpected) I started to surf the internet and was finally (after a humongous search on the web) able to find THE PERFECT DRESS for me! It fits like a wonderful glove, the color is fabulous and I was even able to get it at a reasonable price!! YAY! Happy times guaranteed!!

(Since I really don't want to risk that someone else I know, attending the same event, flashes the same beauty, I will only show you pictures after the wedding! Thanks for your understanding ;-) )

I reckon you all have made these kind of experiences and know exactly what I mean.
Now I am curious, how do you handle these shopping dramas?
Do you buy these dresses "in advance"? And by "in advance" I mean, whenever you see something in the shop, way ahead to any event planned in your future agenda? (If yes, are these purchases always a bingo, or do they stay more often untouched in your closet and wait for their moment to shine?)
How do you deal with that disappointment?
What I also dislike is, when I have a certain look in my head I want to buy and I can't find what I am searching for, how do you react then? Do you buy something else, just to have the feeling of "achievement" or do you wait smoothly until you find what you are looking for?

Looking forward to getting your comments on this little adventure...
xx Linda

Jun 11, 2012


Despite the fact that real summertime is lacking in Zurich, I am already in complete summer mood...

I want to wear my new studded glitter sandals, my little grey skirt I got and the airy blouse that I recently just got... I want to feel the hot wind in my face. I want to sit outside on a warm evening and nip on my drink and chitchat to my friends. I want to lay in the shadow at the lake with baby G. and enjoy the summer in my bikini, having an ice cream or two and playing with my baby and his toys...

Well, I am not good in being patient...but the outlook on going soon on our summer vacation to southern italy is pretty exciting!

Have a look at our hotel, and tuck into some dreaming... I already am!!

YAY... I can't wait for the summer to arrive!!!

Tell me where you will spend your summer vacation!!
xx Linda