Jul 26, 2012

Feed the bookworm...

Please let us know what books you loved reading during your summer vacation...
Recommendations are more than welcome!

xx Linda

Isabel Marant Sneakers

To be honest, I haven't set my mind yet on whether I like the IM-Wedges Sneakers or not...
Recently I saw them worn by some super stylish Yummy-Mummy and I must admit, she looked gorgeous in them... and thinking of the comfort zone, they are definitly a YES, especially if you're around kids. But I must also tell you, that this specific Yummy-Mummy is very tall and super skinny, so the sneakers didn't look to heavy on her.
And that is the main point I guess... these shoes only work on tall, rather skinny women that aren't wearing anything too baggy...otherwise I think they'd look like little elefant feet.. ;-) Don't you agree?

If you feel like getting them, here is where you can shop online: here or here or here.

Have fun...
xx Linda

Jul 25, 2012

Input? Comments? Suggestions?

Hey y'all...
First of all a big thank you for reading my blog/posts...!

Please let me know what you would like to read, find and see on my blog!
I'm happy to get some feedback from you and trying to implement your wishes!
Happy summer to all of you!
xx Linda

THE guides to great skin products...

Are the promises we get from all the marketing people of Clinique, Estée Lauder, Chanel etc. really true? Does my skin beauty routine really help? Is the money I spend on those beauty products really well spent?

With the following guides you can find out, whether your on the right beauty maintenance path or your doing some major NO GO to your skin! ;-)

http://www.beautypedia.com/  or

It's addictive reading all those reviews and recommendations! Enjoy!

xx Linda

DYI Bracelets!

Would you like to safe money? At least from time to time?

Find here a great guide to DYI bracelets that look fancy, posh and stylish!


We like big time!
xx Linda

Jul 24, 2012



Tack så mycket Sabrina! <3
xx Linda

Jul 21, 2012

A flash of inspiration...

Here my inspiration board for today...

Happy weekend y'all!
xx Linda

Jul 17, 2012

Heavy balloon

I adore Jeff Koons creations that are now visible at Fondation Beyeler in Riehen BS, Switzerland. 

Here a little array of his art work. Some of the pieces look so light, breezy, play- and colorful... just fabulous!

It is really worth to visit the exhibition! 

xx Linda

A dress, a wedding and a fever...

After spending some fantastic days in beautiful Puglia, Italy with my family, attending a romantic wedding in an extraordinary setting and indulging in delicious Italian food, we're back to Switzerland and still awaiting the real Swiss summer... :-(

As I told you on my earlier post (click here: THE dress) I've found online a true fashion find as my outfit for the wedding.
Unfortunately my son had a huge fever on the wedding event, so my husband and I were only able to attend the wedding alternately. I wasn't able to take pictures of the wedding and for now I don't have a picture of myself in my beloved dress, but you can find here the link of where I bought  my dress.
I hope you love it as much as I do! I combined it with my nude patent Louboutins and to add a little sparkle I teamed my outfit with a sequined clutch by Zara.

Nevertheless I want to show you some more impressions of the beautiful location at where the wedding was taking place:

For more details, please click on the hotels homepage: http://www.relaishisto.it/en/home/

Happy summer to everyone!
xx Linda

True colors

I love my fun nail polish colors. For every mood I'm in, I got the right shade...

Here my pinks:
(f.l.t.r: H&M "All Eyes On Me", Essie "Status Symbol", H&M "Check Me Out", Essie "Flawless", Chanel "Magnolia Rose", Essie "Not Just A Pretty Face", Essie "Ballet Slippers", KOH "Calcium Nail Whitener")

Here my greys:
(f.l.t.r: H&M "Pink Mist", Astor "11", Mattése ""187", Essie "Sand Tropez", Essie "Master Plan", Essie "Chinchilly", Sephora by OPI "Metro Chic", OPI "Over The Taupe", Alessandro "Dusty Purple", Chanel "Kaleidoscope")

Here my reds:
(f.l.t.r: Chanel "Black Satin", Sephora "Chic And Rebel", Astor "572", OPI "Zurich Zurprise", OPI "Got The Blues For Red", MAC "Cream Rougemarie", Chanel "Dragon", H&M "Red Nail", Essie "Russian Roulette", OPI "Red My Fortune Cookie", Maybelline "Passionate Red", L'Oreal "Exquisite Scarlet")

Show me you favorite colors for your fingers and toes...

xx Linda

Jul 3, 2012

Flower power

Every spring time I am overjoyed by seeing all the blossoming flowers in the fields and shelves at the florist shops with all the wonderful flower arrangements.

Find here some of my favorite flowers:





Calla lilies


I love walking by a field of corn on a breezy summer evening, where you can see every here and there a little red poppy seed that is moved softly by the wind... pure nature in my opinion.
Poppy seeds

What are your favorite flowers? 
xx Linda