Jul 26, 2012

Isabel Marant Sneakers

To be honest, I haven't set my mind yet on whether I like the IM-Wedges Sneakers or not...
Recently I saw them worn by some super stylish Yummy-Mummy and I must admit, she looked gorgeous in them... and thinking of the comfort zone, they are definitly a YES, especially if you're around kids. But I must also tell you, that this specific Yummy-Mummy is very tall and super skinny, so the sneakers didn't look to heavy on her.
And that is the main point I guess... these shoes only work on tall, rather skinny women that aren't wearing anything too baggy...otherwise I think they'd look like little elefant feet.. ;-) Don't you agree?

If you feel like getting them, here is where you can shop online: here or here or here.

Have fun...
xx Linda

1 comment:

  1. Nice shoes! I'd like to own a pair of Isabel Marant Sneakers.