Sep 30, 2012


Today we had some dear friends with their two boys over for a comfy brunch!
We wanted the brunch to be fun, colorful and easy going, so we went for some pops of strong colors and combined them with our chromatic Bopla dishes.

I just love the variety of different types of food you can choose from at brunches, the long durations of those meal-happenings and, of course, spending the time with our dear ones..!

Here a little sneek peek from our buffet:

Exotic fruit salad à la Linda

Exotic fruit salad à la Linda:
Mix as many different fruits as possible.
(mostly exotic ones like Mango, Physallis, Kiwis etc.)
Wash them and cut them into bite-sized pieces.
Ad some lime juice (especially over the Bananas!)
Add two good filled tablespoons of honey. 
After finishing, let the fruits rest for some time, so they can produce some nice juice.
Now stir everything and ready is the easiest but tastiest fruit salad ever! 

I love those colorful flowers, aren't they great?

After loads of food, laughter and playing with the kids, we went for a nice walk to burn some of the calories we just took in. We all needed some fresh air after the vast array of food we just ate and being on the countryside offers great entertainment for the kiddies by observing goats, sheeps, cows and horses on our little tour!

Hope your sunday was as placid as ours!
xx Linda

Weekends equal family time!

I heart our weekends.
I can't wait for friday evenings, when my husband returns home from work, plays with our baby and we enjoy a cozy dinner at our new home. Just precious!

We used to love sleeping in, going out for dinners and being out and about, but those days are definitively over! Nowadays we get up early (yes, I REALLY mean early!!) and have some quality time with baby G. We go for nice long walks, play at the nearest playgrounds or just relax together on the couch! We have our friends coming over for dinners and brunches, rather than going out to restaurants. It makes life just easier for all of us! Everyone needs to make some sacrifices, right?! But believe me, to me it just can't get any better then spending the weekends with my family and friends!

How do you like to spend your weekends?

xx Linda

Sep 29, 2012


For others in need of help...

My dear friend Christoph Hinder will run the 2012 Chicago Marathon and wants to raise some money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation in the fight against the Parkinson's disease! What a great purpose!

Please help him in this good cause and donate to the MJF-Foundation. His target is to reach $ 10'000.- by October 7th 2012 and I think this should absolutely be possible to reach!

Here the link to the donation page:

And always remember: DO A GOOD DEED EACH DAY!!

Thank you so much in advance for your help!!
xx Linda

Sep 28, 2012

All moms need from time to time some ME-TIME...

Let's be honest...aren't all of us moms dreaming of some sporadic "me-only-time"?
I mean, who doesn't like to get pampered and spoiled, with no baby crying or dadada around you?
With a baby this seems far away from possible, but there is now a solution to our "problem"..

Schminkbar in Zurich offers the perfect pamper time for mommies who want to indulge into, for example, a nice pedicure, a relaxing massage or a great skin treatment! 

Every Tuesday from 09.00-13.00h you can book a therapy of your choice at their main location (Beatengasse 9, 8001 Zurich) and meanwhile you can leave your kid at their second location (Bahnhofstrasse 94, 5th floor, 8001 Zurich) where they have supervisors who look after your little ones (also available for newborns!).

Enjoy your Chai Latte/Tea and a wonderful treatment in a cozy atmosphere and be ensured your baby is safe and sound... what fantastic combination!

Here you can find their range of fabulous treatments.

I can't wait to indulge into some ME-TIME! ;-)

xx Linda


Here my inspiration board for today...

Have a great weekend everyone...!
xx Linda

Sep 27, 2012

Cake heaven...

One of my favorite cake bakeries "Vollenweider Chocolatier Confiseur" in Zurich offers now my favorite cake, the "Giraffentorte", in 8 cute icing colors!

What a great idea! This way the dessert suits your table decoration or theme party even more!

Doesn't this traditional, light almond-biscuit with delicious chocalte chunks, look just gorgeous??

They offer the cake in ten different sizes, from 2 persons at 12cm à CHF 23.- to 22 persons at 36cm à CHF 150.-. The cake can be stored smoothly in the fridge for a couple of days.

I can't wait to get one for my sons birthday!!

xx Linda

The perfect "bring-along"...

Isn't it nice to get little presents from people who for example come and visit you at your new place?

Here some of my favorites we got from our best ones for moving into our new home or suggestions I like to take along...

Aėsop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash - get it here.

3 tiered Etagere - get it here.

A bottle of their favorite bubbly - get it here

Yummie Luxemburgerli from Sprüngli - get it here

A nice bouquet of seasonal flowers - get it at a close market or your nearest florist

A little lantern - get it here

As much as I love getting little presents - smile - to me the biggest present is still to share quality time with my loved ones, chit chat and laugh throughout a fun visit.

xx Linda


xx Linda

Sep 26, 2012

Swim like a dolphin...

Wow! When I saw this video for the first time, it just blew me away... 
Watch this video, it will amaze you too!!! 
(But don't try this with your baby at home!!!)

And here the resolution to this great lifesaving skill:

How fantastic is it to know, that your baby is able to manage such delicate water situation with trust,  confidence and comfort... You don't need to panic, when your baby falls into a pool, it will know how to deal with the circumstances it put itself in...

I wish, they would offer these swimming classes in Switzerland, I would immediately join with baby G.

For now: Be safe and cautious!
xx Linda

Sep 25, 2012

Homesickness has a cure now...

My dear Expat-readers, Northamericans-friends and Brits, Aussies, Indians etc. who are all able to live in beautiful Switzerland.. You most probably like it here, but you can't get over the loss of your favorite food you might not get here...?! I think I've got the remedy for you!

I know...there's no place like home...and to bring you at least a little piece of home back to Swizzy, please find here the links of two Online-Stores that sell most of your beloved home-goodies...

American Market Online Food Store Switzerland


My Expat Shop

Get over your homesickness and tuck into "Home, sweet home"! ;-)

Hope you like it..
xx Linda

Sep 24, 2012

"I could do anything!"

Whenever I come across this tree, I can't stop looking at it... it feels so empowering to me, as if this tree would want to show me, that every obstacle can be overcome! Nature and time will deal with it and in the end conquer it...

Just fabulous, right?!

Oh happy day! ;-)
xx Linda

Sep 23, 2012

Take a walk on the sunny side..

On a beautiful day, like it was today, there is no better than going for a long walk with my family.
And in such a gorgeous landscape, as our neighbourhood has to offer, it is even more fun!

Switzerland is such a beauty! There is no place I would rather live at!

Life is good!
xx Linda