Oct 11, 2012

A classic Chanel bag....every girls dream!

Many girls I know (incl. me!) would love to own a classic Chanel bag one day.
Some even started to save their change in a piggy bank others put some money aside every month...and one day, their "dream" will come true...

Of course it has to be the 2.55 Classic Flap bag in off-white/cream, light pink, a nice brown/beige or the simply stunning black, but definitively made out of leather, none of those other ugly fads!

It comes in three different sizes, but any of it will fit to any occasion, so I would be open to that! ;-)

Here Chanel's webpage: http://www.chanel.com/

What would be you dream bag?

xx Linda

1 comment:

  1. Aaaaah it is also on my list the 2.55 - black for sure;-)