Nov 30, 2012


Here my inspiration board for today.

Have a great weekend everyone...!
xx Linda

Nov 29, 2012

Best of Glitz & Glam

I obviously love everything that is glitzy and sparkling...

Here a little creative picture board...

As you can see, some sparkle fits always and with everything, plus it adds instant glam to an outfit, a location, a seductive look or a special occasion!
It works with bold colors, soft tones, chunky sweaters or delicate satin pants. Even adding some subtle glitz to your make up routine,  a pinch of sparkles on your nails here, some golden spots round your eyes there... it will work, believe me! You'll be an eye-catcher!

Here the some sparkles available on! Enjoy it!!

A beautiful party/holiday dress

I love a little glitz on your spices up every tame outfit!

It's always nice to show a little arm-bling

Golden delight

What sparkles do you like to add to your fashion life?

xx Linda

Nov 28, 2012

Green thumb

Beside my lack of handicraft work skills, my green thumb is also one big missing thing in my life...

Every flower, plant or tree is just not in good hands with me.. Plenty of florists suggested me the easiest plants for looking after...but I even managed to get rid of the easy ones in no time!

This is our current greenery at home...

I know, I could look so much better after them, but well...i simply just forget about them and the next time I look at them, they look the way they do now... :-/

Any suggestions about what low-maintenance plants you could recommend to me? Or how I can relive our almost dead plants?

xx Linda