Jan 31, 2013

New cool in town...

This S/S13 collection by Iro might not be the fanciest one, but wearing Iro's pieces will definitively bring your cool side out and shining, don't you agree?

But look for yourself.

A label to watch closely, for sure!

xx Linda

(Pics by studded-hearts.com, Get IRO clothes here or here)

Jan 29, 2013

Share your knowledge..

Ok, so everyone is writing about all kind of detox-juices, healthy-diy-smoothies and organic-food..
To be honest, to me all of this sounds a bit scary and simply not yummie...
But I am open to try some recipes to change my mind!

Please share your favorite juice recipes with all of us, and give me a mindblowing change of point of my view!

Can't wait to try out some of your suggestions!

xx Linda

Jan 28, 2013

Readjusting day

After all that gorgeous sun we enjoy this weekend, we slowly need to readjust to the grey weather here in Zurich...

You can describe the weather as: "At least 50 shades if grey!!!!!"

xx Linda

Jan 27, 2013

Thank you..

for a lovely weekend in the mountains A. &. F.! <3

xx Linda

Jan 25, 2013


Here my inspiration board for today

Have a great weekend everyone...!
xx Linda

Jan 24, 2013

Spring AHOI

Look how beautifully my pretty cherry blossoms are blooming..

Japan, forget your cherry blossom season, now it's my turn! LOL! ;-)

Spring ain't that far away no more!

xx Linda

Oh hello you little beauties..!!!

YAY, we finally got our new chairs to fit our table...we're so happy!!!

Dinner evenings with a group of friends or family, here we go!

xx Linda