Jun 29, 2013

Bubble bath..

Last week I went to Konstanz, Germany, to buy all the remaining things I need for our new baby's arrival plus Pampers for my little big boy as well as for the newborn! As it is muuuch cheaper to buy these things in Germany than in Switzerland, I stock up quite a lot and saved plenty of money this way! 

At one of the baby stores we visited, they had a "ball-bubble-bath" for the bigger kid's entertainment.. of course baby G. had a swim in those balls and believe me, he had a blast!!!

I guess the next time we're going to Konstanz, we'll have an additional family member with us! ❤ Yay.. time is flying.. only a couple of weeks and days left until the arrival! 

xx Linda

Oh lord...

I never thought I would be saying this!
Someone has already PLENTY of clothes for the next 6 months...

And this is only the gear for the first 1-2 months!

Dear family, friends and all who might consider giving us something for the birth of our baby girl...
Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance for thinking of us! Can you please not take our wish personal or think of us of being ungrateful, BUT PLEASE DON'T SHOWER US WITH ANY MORE CLOTHES...!
I guess best would be, if you ask us, what we really need, before giving us more clothes...

It sounds awful and so shallow of us, asking you for this favor, but we already got so many presis (and mama wanted to indulge a bit too much as well into girly stuff shopping) that receiving more lovely stuff, would just be a waste, as a baby can only wear so much clothes...you know what I mean?

I hope your not offended! :-D

xx Linda

Jun 28, 2013


Here my inspiration board for today.

Have a great weekend everyone...!
xx Linda

Jun 27, 2013

The next chance to stock up your kiddies wardrobe...

This upcoming weekend, the next MAMALICIOUS Market is being held.
On June 28th and 29th 2013 you have the chance to meet other your families and
buy everything needed for babies, kids and expectant moms...get your things
at unbeatable prices...!!! Who wouldn't want to benefit from this great opportunity?!

Meetingpoint is the trendy "Kreis 5", very close to the Prime Tower, the train station "Bhf Hardbrücke", the cool "Frau Gerolds Garten", the "FREITAG" Tower and the diversivied "Viaduktbögen"... get your saturday groceries there, all next to each other!

The location is at Geroldstrasse 17...

And don't forget, after the shopping, get on to "Josefswiese" for a playdate
at the playground with your family!

Find more information about this event here!

xx Linda

Jun 26, 2013

Hello baby crib...

Awww...so cute...!! 

I love this time around of the pregnancy... things are getting organized, new things have to be bought, old things have to be sorted out, the baby's room is being decorated, last purchases have to be made, this is super exciting... despite the fact this being our second baby...

6 more weeks until due date... oh I can't wait... 

xx Linda

Jun 25, 2013

Beaches...we love you...

To have some diversity during our stay, we visited almost daily another beach and enjoyed some seaside time...

Our little one fell in love with the sea... He enjoyed himself so much, in the water with mom & dad, it was hard for us to get him out of the refreshing water! 
We'll be back baby G. - promised!!

Where will you spend your summer holidays this year?

xx Linda