Jul 31, 2013

We're getting closer!

The countdown is on...

..days until due date!

So exciting!!

xx Linda

Jul 30, 2013

Hey big spender..


Today i went to Ikea to grab some "essentials".. I was, as always, amazed by the great deals you can find there.. 

Also my son had a blast.. I guess the other visitors thought we were crazy, as we were singing our way through the store, but we didn't care and had fun!

Of course after the reward comes... another reward - at the food counter! 
We had a Hot Dog feast and were even more happy with the great steals we found!

That was fun..!!

xx Linda

Jul 29, 2013

Baby belly party

This weekend I was invited to a baby-belly-party and everything was decorated super cute in a silver/white/yellow-color scheme, they served yummie desserts and we were accompanied by a warm and welcome feeling..

To my shame I totally forgot to take pictures of that gorgeous event, which is really a pity.. Here some pictures from Pinkfisch.ch which get you an idea to the scenery set.

I'm trying to get the recipe of that delicious lemon-yoghurt-ice cream-tarte they served and hope I'll be able to share it with you guys soon!

Thanks G. for a fabulous afternoon and I can't wait to finally meet your baby girl!

xx Linda

Jul 27, 2013

Want to organize a special themed party?

Then I know the best place to find lovely goods for your gathering!

At www.Pinkfisch.ch you'll find plenty of cute things like: straws, balloons, party invitations, cups, plates, lanterns, napkins...you name it, and you'll find it!

So lovely and so convenient!! I'm in love!!!

The service is super quick, friendly and efficient!

Make sure you'll have a look at their great products and supplies! It will not only do an
upgrade to your party, but also to your home decoration - guaranteed!

xx Linda

Jul 26, 2013


Here my inspiration board for today.

Have a great weekend everyone...!
xx Linda

Jul 25, 2013

A little smile in the morning, always makes my day...

For my female Swiss readers, I've found a very amusingly written blog with a divers, a bit girly and beauty-oriented content... perfect for a fun and fresh start into the day..

Here the link to the homepage: http://www.heypretty.ch

It puts a smile on my face whenever I read the blog, and I guess that's just the best seal of quality!

Happy reading...
xx Linda

Jul 24, 2013

Today I am craving this:

3 more weeks.. and then: BRING ON THE RAW FOOD!!! YAAAAY!!!

xx Linda