Oct 29, 2013

Don't wait...live your life!



xx Linda

Oct 28, 2013

Giggles are the best..

This weekend was filled with laughters and great moments...

First a fun "Ladies Night out" and the next day an interesting stroll through an area, only little known by me, in Zurich Downtown. 

Then our baby girl's first giggles that made us melt away and our lovely big boy with tons of energy and good vibes that makes us thankful every single day for having him in our lives. 

And last but not least some great food and delicious wine for some indulgence and some relaxed me-time to recharge my batteries... THANK YOU HUBBY!

Life treated me well these days.. hope it did treat you well too!

xx Linda

Oct 27, 2013


Some pumpkins, some gudgeons, some candles, all arranged in a heart shaped basket, combined with a little sunshine and mild temperatures outside...


xx Linda

Oct 23, 2013

A walk in the park...

This is how I love autumn...

It should stay like this forever..

xx Linda

Oct 22, 2013

Jumpsuit Love

Yes, I also caught the fever, my latest obsession are Jumpsuits... in every color, every style and all kinds of fabrics! So wearable and stylish, to every occasion!

And this one is my special "love at first sight" one! ❤️

My must-have for autumn!

xx Linda

Oct 20, 2013

Halloween is coming up...

Since I really hate dressing up, you won't find a picture of myself in a costume... :-) LOL..

Last year I experienced Halloween for the first time in our neighbourhood, when the little kiddies came, ringing at my door! Hahaha, that was so cute..

Take this as my little Halloween inspiration board:

And last but not least, a little fun for Halloween never hurt nobody:

Trick or treat? ;-P

xx Linda

Oct 19, 2013

Another day in paradise...

What a gorgeous day we spent with the family in paradise! Sun please stay forever!

xx Linda

Oct 18, 2013


Here my inspiration board for today.

Have a great weekend everyone...!
xx Linda