Dec 31, 2014

Good bye 2014...

... and welcome 2015!

May it be filled with wonderful moments, great memories and even more happy experiences!

Happy New Year to all of you lovelies!

xx Linda

Dec 30, 2014

Our X-Mas decoration

Here some pictures of our Christmas decoration this year...

Simple yet festive... we like!

I hope you had a wonderful feast among your loved ones!!

xx Linda

Dec 28, 2014

DIY - Christmas presents

This year I've tried to incorporate my 3-year old son with creating the Christmas presents for our closest ones...

It started with a little cookie baking a couple of weeks ago (see the link here)

Then we got into a little stamping for the Grandma's (Aprons for the kitchen):

And then some more stamping (Totes for groceries) for the family.

And then some mug painting…

Luckily our family liked their presents. And it was fun that we created them ourselves.
It was a lot of work for a 3-year old who can't sit still for 15 minutes, but I am super proud of baby G.
He did fabulous and the family was very happy about his art pieces! *SMILE*

I hope your Christmas was as pleasant as ours!

xx Linda

Dec 26, 2014


Here my inspiration board for today

Have a great weekend everyone...!
xx Linda