Mar 29, 2016

Kidsroom Inspo

I was asked to share a little sneekpeek of my kids shared room, which I will happily do so...

Since our kids are sharing their room, we wanted to create a light and friendly atmosphere with a light color scheme and some cute details. Of course it doesn't really look as tidy throughout the day, they love to play in their room, listen to CD's and read their books on the sofa. Kids need to be kids and get messy and play as "hard" as possible. That's totally fine and well needed! But we made a pack with them, that we let them have their "mess" during the day, but before bedtime we clean up most of huggermugger all together... and for the moment that works quite well!

Here a little overview of my kids room.

This awesome lightbox I bought here. I love the versatility to change the letters and write a little something matching to todays mood!

Let's have a look at my girls corner:
I am in love with this drawing by Mrs. Mighetto. Every since my girl is born, we have that thing with of course, they can't be missed at her bedside wall...

I am a big fan of H&M home decor for kids. Their bed linen is so cute and of good quality at great prices! The little puppet push chair is really high in demand right now with my daughter. All of her dolls sleep in there long as she is happy... LOL!

Moving over to my sons side:
The bear rug is really of great quality and I can really recommend it! It's soft and cushioned and really noise absorbing...

The big drawers below his bed are perfect for storage. Plenty of Lego, Toys and plush toys find plenty of space and are perfectly removed out of sight.

Cute storage space is king!

I'm in love with kids posters...

Bed lights are big topic at home. This cute cloud is great but the best night lamp for us is thisone!

How cute are these illustrations?! Cuteness overload!

These cute Belle & Boo drawings I bought at a yard sale and still love them dearly!

This little shelf is perfect for little toys, like cars or doll accessories! We love!

I hope you liked the tour through are kiddies room... 
xx Linda

Mar 25, 2016


Here my Inspiration board for today..!

Have a great Weekend everyone!
xx Linda

Mar 22, 2016

Easter is just around the corner... I thought I am going to share some of our Easter decoration...

My little Easter tree on our terrace...

Tulips are never wrong!

Candles are always right!

Flowers and plants everywhere to bring home spring...

An ostrich egg in combination with some red pepper and butterflies.

Of course a bunny must not be missed... I love those little quail eggs..

For the kids, we painted and dyed some eggs during a cloudy and cold afternoon.. They loved it, and the mess afterwards was pretty reasonable...

Wishing you and your family a happy egg hunt and some quality time spent together! 

xx Linda