Apr 29, 2016


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Have a great Weekend everyone!
xx Linda

Apr 26, 2016

Weekend Trip to South Germany

My husband and I went on a weekend trip, just the two of us. We found a neat hotel in Lindau (Germany) that we wanted to explore...

Beforehand we wanted to go for some shopping and we were told to explore Ravensburg rather than Bregenz as it is supposed to be way more charming than industrial Bregenz. So we drove there and we really liked what we found!

Besides the usual suspect stores, there was one boutique we really liked, it's called Vis-a-vis and the staff was so warm and welcoming, so that we really loved looking through their range and we spent quite some time there, including a free Espresso. Perfect customer service I'd say! The clothes were high quality and many well known brands (like See by Chloe, DVF, Isabel Marant etc.) were available.
A must visit when in Ravensburg!

Here a couple of pictures of this little city. (Unfortunately the weather wasn't the best, but it made it easier for us to just pop from one store to the other, without any bad feelings! ;-)

Another good recomendation was a small Mall called Trend Reischmann. The range was good and my hubby found some really cool sneakers that he bought!

After some shopping, sightseeing and roaming through Ravensburg,we decided to head further along to our final destination, the island of Lindau! 

What a lovely surprise when we got there. The picturesque village with the colorful old buildings won over our hearts immediately. There were little Cafés and Ice cream shops on every corner and the medieval spirit on this lovely island made us feel at home in a minute!

But let me tell you, we fell even more so for our gorgeous 800 year old boutique hotel called Adara (that means beautiful - and it is so true!) a true gem!!

Here a little peek of it:
The main building/entrance, consisting of 4 old buildings that were renovated during a 5 years process!

The small but nice lobby/reception.

The fabulous restaurant serving breakfast (for hotel guests) and dinner (for everyone). The menue is small but the food is really delicious and extravagant! 

Our room (every room is different!) took our breath away. All the lovely details were just perfect and selected with really good taste and eloquence. The little raffinesses, the combination of modern and old made it unique and the chic neutral style makes this hotel a real stunner!

How pretty is it?! And we only booked one of the smaller rooms available at a pretty reasonable price!

This "woven" wall is one of
many "leftovers" spread over the whole hotel, which is over 800 years old and shows, how the building was originally built! 

On the next day, the weather luckily changed for the good and the sun came out and showed us Lindau from an even more friendly side than the day before!

It was so inviting to get a coffee in one of the many Cafés, have an ice cream next to the lake and to just enjoy the sun and the peace of the beautiful lake of Constance.

Lindau made us again realize that one doesn't need to always take the airplane to explore nice places. Of course, Lindau is far away from a vibrant metropole and the high life, but friendly people, a nice place to stay and the ability to find nearby villages by car, full of history and charme, close from home, makes it very attractive for us to get to know better Europe!

A fabulous weekend well spent and some new cute spots that we will definitively revisit made this trip unforgettable!

And yes, the Adara will be one of our favorite places to visit soon again! 

xx Linda

Apr 22, 2016


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Have a great Weekend everyone!
xx Linda