Aug 29, 2017

Back to Kindergarden 2.0

The summer vacation has come to an end, and we are back to our daily grind...

On one side I am sad it is over, it was very easygoing and relaxing waking up whenever we wanted, and going to places where our momentary mood took us... on the other hand, I am glad that we are back to our daily routine, with few little new adjustments, where we have our daily fix points, but we still are able to arrange our free afternoons the way we want.

The kids loved all of this summers adventures we experienced: Our yearly Ibiza vacation, an exciting Tennis camp, swimming in our favorite swimming pools around our hometown, a visit in hospital to wave Indias palatine tonsils goodbye... to mention only a few of the many things we ventured.

Still, you can obviously tell by the following pictures how happy Gregory was, to be back with his friends from School...

Also India was much more happy this time around, compared to last years bitter tears she cried over the "loss" of her 24/7 big brother...(read here more about it).

What were you up to this summer?

xx Linda

Aug 25, 2017


Here my Inspiration board for today..!

Have a great Weekend everyone!
xx Linda

Aug 22, 2017

Summer lovin

The heat the last couple of weeks was almost unbearable. A day without being in the water was almost impossible...

Our bost is ALWAYS a good idea!

Playing in the garden with the water slide and the flower sprinkler is great entertainment! 

Diving poolside is the best!

Building, exploring and swimming in the sand at the lake is a winner!

We love summer and we love water! 

xx Linda